“God”, the easy and Elusive name

In the previous post, God in Frankl’s Logotherapy, the word “God” (obviously) appeared many times.What  is the most popular expletive on the TV soap operas? “My gaaaaad!” Even educated atheists are turned off. Jews – even many liberal Jews, who do not believe in the Holy One of Israel – tend to have a holy respect for G-d (liberal Jews, just in case); that is why the written form is missing the “o”; to indicate that the word is too sacred to pronounce. In Hebrew,  ADONAI (LORD) and HASHEM (the NAME) is used to avoid pronouncing the Personal YHWH. Another written word for God in the Tanakh is ELOHIM, which is pronounced  ELOKIM. Here is what Art Katz says about the word “God”:

I don’t know what your experience is but the older I get in the Lord, the more I am aware of the anomaly of speaking the word “God” without the appropriate comprehension. Is there any word as easy on our lips and yet any word more elusive in its meaning? Do you understand what I am saying. I feel like the bull in the China shop even to so much pronounce the word… there’s no word more precious to call upon yet more difficult and illusive to properly address than the word – God! It’s as if there should be a moratorium against the speaking of that word until we have an appreciation a knowledge more appropriate to its use lest we continue to degrade the meaning of the word God by mindless repetition and easy usage.

Art Katz – the beginning of “The voice of God.”

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