Speaking pure Hebrew without vowels

Here is a Jewish view of the Torah Scrolls.

“In looking at the scrolls themselves, the first thing we notice is that they are written in Hebrew without vowels and one’s Hebrew has to be very good in order to read them. The absence of vowels in the text is, I suspect, to safeguard the purity of this gift of God because in its original form Hebrew was a language spoken without vowels.”

With regard to the last clause, “in its original form Hebrew was a language spoken without vowels”:

I would imagine that any language spoken without vowels would not be a language at all, because all spoken languages, by definition, require the speaking of both consonants and vowels, even the p(u)r(e)st of all languages. Try it it yourself; try saying “pr drvl.”

The reason why the original Torah was not written with vowels was because the original writer/s (Moses, and/or others) and readers could understand the txt wtht vwls. So why write more than is necessary especially when the Hebrew vowels had to be written underneath the consonants, which botches up the neat linearity of its consonantal structure. The Gematrists might disagree and attach a more Kabbalistic reason for the absence of vowels, indeed for the absence of spaces between groups of letters in the Torah, which is the usual way words are written in other languages.

All languages begin spoken. So we have speaking before writing, where writing represents speaking. Well that’s the linguistic way of seeing it.