“Your question is awaiting conflagration” (Wintery Knight)

Being a dutiful Jewish Calvinist (do you have any such friends?), I posted a question on Wintery Knight’s blog regarding the debate between Michael Brown, a Jewish Arminian, and James White, a non-Jewish Calvinist. Wintery does NOT- as is the situation with most professing
Christians – believe that a person is so dead (in sin) that he is unable to choose to believe in Jesus Christ. Here is my comment to Wintery:

“Hi Wintery, Your position seems to be that there is something inherent in people that (inwardly) determines their acceptance of Christ. Is that correct?”

As many others have found with Wintery Knight’s “awaiting moderation,” my comment ended up in the fiery moat.

If you’re an Arminian (man chooses Christ, Christ doesn’t choose man), you will probably never say openly – or even dare to think – that you deserve to go to Heaven, but instead you will push grace to the fore- “it’s all about grace” you might say. The thing is this: for Wintery Knight, his eternal destiny depends on himself because the Arminian position is that God offers saving grace to all but only some are willing (good enough) to choose eternal life. It follows that there must be something in Wintery that is better than the person who does not choose Christ. Now, hardly any Arminian will deny that if you reject Christ, you deserve the terrible consequences. But ask him whether he is willing to apply the same logic to himself who has chosen Christ.

Calvinist (Jewish): You say you chose Christ. So do you deserve to go to Heaven, then?
Wintery Knight: Your question is awaiting conflagration.


3 thoughts on ““Your question is awaiting conflagration” (Wintery Knight)

      • Indeed and I’m glad you enjoyed the article. It’s important to shed light on this behavior, because it’s not acceptable regardless of whether you’re a theist or an atheist. Feel free to stop by the site and chime in from time to time and I’ll do the same here!

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