Don’t touch my heart; you might broke it

I have created a new category called “Motley Brew”  – a miscellany of thoughts..

Motley refers to the traditional costume of the court jester, or the harlequin character in commedia dell’arte. The latter wears a patchwork of red, green and blue diamonds. (Wiki).

Here is my first entry.

Between 2004-2006 I taught English at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. In one lesson, I got the students to divide in pairs and write a dialogue on the theme of giving to charity. They were provided with a set of phrases they could use. One of these was “touch my heart”.

The one pair of students asked to present the dialogue in front of the whole class – very unusual in this part of the world. One of them was called Yousef (Joseph). He didn’t only talk, but acted the part. One of his lines was: ” I don’t want to touch somebody’s heart because I might broke it.”

Who worries about grammar when such tenderness, poetry and beauty abound. At the same time, ain’t it sad?