Thank you for the moonshine: A prayer

When I was about 15 years old, I was at boarding school in Wellington, South Africa, the base of the great missionary and Bible teacher, Andrew Murray Jr.


After evening studies, we had “bid uur” (prayer time) in the 12-bed dormitory.


 There were never more than three-four Jews at the boarding school in any specific year, and only a small resident Jewish community in the town of about 30-40 families. I joined in the evening prayers before dinner. One evening, about six of us were kneeling on either side of the bed, facing one another.

One of the Afrikaner boys prayed: “Thank you for the sunshine and the moonshine” (Dankie vir die sonskyn en die maanskyn). Trying to preserve decorum, I almost split both gullet and groin. For years after, I told the story of the silly boy who thanked God for the moonshine because he didn’t know what to thank God for after the sunshine.

Blessed of the Lord be his land. . .

for the precious fruits brought forth

by the sun, and for the precious things

put forth by the moon. Deut. 33:13—14


(See School years after the Orphanage: Wellington)


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