The mad hatter of Christ

“He once related an incident of his student days, which must have made a great impression upon him, as he told it with much feeling. In his daily walk to one of the college classes he and his companions used to meet an old man going to business, who was sometimes walking along holding his hat a little way off his head. The peculiarity of the action excited the notice of those who met him, and some one asked the old man what he meant by it. He was at first reluctant to tell, but at last he said, ‘ Well, if you will know, I will tell you. As I walk along the street I have sometimes such fellowship with the Lord Jesus, that I feel as if He were close beside me, and I lift my hat in token of reverence.’ ”

( “Reminiscences of Andrew Bonar,” by his daughter Marjory Bonar, 1895).


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