My son wins gold: From this Olympian moment, my life is plain sailing; thank you Zeus.

Being a South African citizen, I am naturally proud of how well our swimmers are doing, having achieved two gold medals, and one of them pipping Michael Phelps to the post. Surely, the gods of Olympus must have been smiling down on Cameron van der Burgh and Chad Le clos. It is reported that:

Chad le Clos’s father is being called ‘the winner of the Olympics’ after giving a hilarious and heartfelt interview to the BBC following his son’s remarkable victory in the pool.
 As Le Clos stepped up to the podium to receive his gold medal for the 200m butterfly, his emotional father was becoming a hero in his own right. 
Gazing over his shoulder at Chad, Bert le Clos told an amused BBC interviewer to ‘look at him, he’s beautiful’ while pointing out how fat he himself was.
 ‘I have never been so happy in my life, it’s indescribable,’ said Bert. ‘It’s like I have died and gone to heaven. Whatever happens in my life from now on is plain sailing.’”

So, Christians, eat your heart out; and now will you give Zeus a chance! As smiling Bert intimates, reconciliation with the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and eternal life compared to how he feels right now is nugatory. As the saying goes better the nugget round your neck than…or something like that.

Afer all, what’s more precious than gold?

“The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver.” (Psalm 119:72).

C’mon Bert, reach beyond the sky.

Later. Someone typed in a search engine: “chad le clos jewish.” No, Chad never attended chader (Hebrew School). He’s an African, silly. Don’t you know your geography. Somewhere near Timbuktu. Hopefully at least one Jewish boy, or girl, will bring home gold. Keep ’em peeled.

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