The Apostle Peter takes a leaf off Mr Bean: My bodee is my toooooool.

Arminians do make it so hard when it is so simple.

– 2 Peter 3:9: “The Lord is . . . patient towards you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.”

You see, ALL, it says “all,” everybody, “everybody in the world” – “whosoeverrrr.” Now, Calvie, you’re so logical and theological, explain to l’il ole me that one.

No sweat.

Peter gets whisked away to a classroom somewhere in Kentucky, or make it my home town Port Elizabeth, darkest Africa. He’s teaching a geography lesson to a bunch of recalcitrants. It’s hard, I tell you it’s hard, for Peter. He can’t get a word in edgeways. But I can tell you when body language can do the job, he doesn’t waste words. Peter’s at the end of his rope. He stiffens, points his long finger:

“I am patient with you, not wishing for any to fail, yada, yada, yada.”

The Arminian either does not see (and thus is confused) or refuses to see that “of you” as in “ALL (of you)” is redundant (unnecessary). Everyone Peter is addressing (“pointing at”) surely understands that. Alas the Arminian is likely to point out to the irrational neural Calvinist – in love with logic more than love – that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, who wouldn’t mess with his sacrosanct independent will, for if our wills were changed by God, what love is this! when God, without my permission, regenerates my radically corrupt neutral will to love him? Answer: It’s called saving grace, sufficient saving grace; there ain’t any other kind of saving grace.

There is linguistics – verbal language, and there is paralinguistics – body language. Mr Bean, in one if his parlous bodily gestures, says it ALL: “My bodee is my toooooool.”

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