Augustine seeks and finds: One man’s gift (Geschenk) is another man’s poison (Gift)

If Augustine were an Arminian.

Augustine: I want to find God; I’m restless until I find him.

God:I have seen Augustine’s great longing for me. I’ll go and knock on his door. Augustine, Augustine, open the door and let me in; there’s no door knob on the outside.

Augustine (opens the door): My Lord thank you for showing yourself to me; my whole hope is only in Your exceeding great mercy.

God: Yes, I saw your longing. You asked for me, so I came. What is it that you long for exactly?

Augustine: I want to accept your gift of faith.

God: Good. Here.

Augustine: My Lord and my God! I was restless until I came to rest in thee.

God: That is what I’ve been trying to get into every heart, with little success. My grace often gets a foothold in the door, but its never sufficient. Who is sufficient to these things?

Augustine: Being a gentleman, Lord, that’s the way to go. Where there is compulsion there is no love, only robots. That’s what I tried to show in my book against Pelagius. Or, was it the other way round: he was trying to show me that my “grant what you command” is not only robotic but idiotic?

God: All that matters is LOVE wins – free love, that is. But remain humble, you didn’t deserve eternal life.

Augustine: Of course; salvation is pure gift, and thus no one, who accepts it, deserves eternal life. But, as your Word says, those who reject it deserve to be punished eternally. Just thought of something: what happens if I fall away, can I get born again again?

God: Don’t you worry, I won’t let that happen.

Augustine: Er, but what if I choose to reject you?

God: Don’t be anxious, I won’t leave you to your own devices. I’ll make you unwilling.

Augustine: I get it: one man’s gift (Geschenk) is another man’s poison (Gift).

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