Michael Wyschogrod’s how to get rid of idolatrous DNA

The RoshPinaProject warns Jewish followers of Yeshua/Jesus against Rabbi Michael Wyschogrod.

“Michael Wyschorod is admired by many Messianic Jews in the USA. I think he is overrated and not really very helpful for Messianic Jews at all. Wyschogrod has written a book called trying to dissuade Messianic Jews from believing in Yeshua, which was published by Jews For Judaism. Jews For Judaism routinely slander Messianic Jews and hype up fear about us, because we believe in Yeshua as Moshiach, we worship him, and we know he rose from the dead. In his book, Wyschogrod wrote:

“It is therefore important for Jews to know that a Jew who believes that Jesus was God in the sense asserted by the Nicene Creed commits idolatry as defined by Jewish law.”

Now say a Christian (or any Gentile) converts to Judaism, he or she not only becomes spiritually transformed, but also if not biologically transformed then quasi-biologically transformed – and that should rid any Gentile soul of idolatrous DNA for keeps.

Wyschogrod, in his “The Body of Faith,” maintains that when a gentile converts to Judaism, he or she does not merely share the beliefs of the new religion – as would be the case of a Jew converting to Christianity – but that the convert miraculously, and therefore literally, becomes the seed of Abraham and Sarah. The miracle is not totally biological but “quasi-biological.” How does this quasi-biological miracle occur? By immersion in a mikve (ritual bath), which “symbolizes” (is that why the miracle is only quasi?) the mother’s womb through which a person is born. Wysh to grod that this were true, but it seems, if not unseemly, uncalled for; for God can call forth sons of Abraham from the very stones if he wished – which I would think is a greater -and more likely miracle – than Wyshogrod’s. It’s unwise to rely on one’s Jewishness: “Do not begin to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father’; for I tell you God is able from these stones to raise up children to Abraham” (Luke 3:8).

See “The genetics of conversion.”


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