The blond and the black: Jews of (South) Africa

In Followers of Yeshua keeping Torah: What’s the pork? I wrote on the RoshPinaProject (RPP) article “Pigs become kosher when death and evil are defeated – but should Messianic Jews eat pork?”

One of the comments in he RPP article stated that I was not Jewish. Whenever anyone tells me that, I smile, because if I’m not Jewish neither is Golda Meir or the Lemba (I explain shortly). Here is the relevant conversation on RPP.

Golda Meir

Golda Meir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[The square brackets are my appended clarifications/inferences].

Dan, a Jewish follower of Yeshua [who can’t be blond]

Let me ask you [Dan is responding to someone else’s comment], if you were in my place would you participate with the Mormons in their Christmas celebration, something that they asked us to do. Would you sit in their sanctuary and listen for half the night to all kind of Christmas carols and songs, knowing that they will participate in your Pesach seder? How would you feel if you have to come every Shabbat and just above where they let you keep your Torah ark there is a picture of the blond blue eyed Jesus hanging? Would you have stayed there for 2 years?”

[Me – Bography, Bog, Raphael, Refooel, chipping in]

A (picture of) blond blue-eyed Jesus – and next to Torah! Dan, there are Jews with blond hair and blue eyes recognised (halloi, Refooel) by frum rabbis. When I was much younger, I was blond; my blue eyes, though, haven’t turned colour yet. Or was it the idea of a picture (of Jesus) that was your problem?”

[Dan replies]

Sorry Bog [my user name is Bography], South Africans are not Jews….LOL! [Lots Of Love]

End of RPP conversation [RIP]

I must protest, ’cause there are indeed some Jewish Africans. Here is moi [time past] with members of the Lemba congregation; and they ARE Jewish: they have the genes to prove it. (The origins of the Lemba ‘Black Jews’ of southern Africa: evidence from p12F2 and other Y-chromosome markers).

lemba use new

As for me, I haven’t had my DNA checked for Jewish genes, but I’m not worried, the Rabbinate in Jerusalem and my two Israeli brothers know that I’m a Yid. And hey, whose fault is it I look like a Khazar – before they converted to Judaism. (The invention of Shlomo Sand – a thousand “Jews” make one Palestinian).


3 thoughts on “The blond and the black: Jews of (South) Africa

    • I tried, I tried to get rid of my Jewish nose, but as everyone knows, a Jewish snozz has a will of its own. No matter what I try, it continues to grow on me.

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