Making Jesus the Lord of your life? Impossible

Richard Ganz has written a powerful short message on the meaning of the Cross and the Resurrection. He ends with):

“The historic reality of the Christian faith, attested to both in the Old Testament and the New Testament, affirmed by the prophets and the apostles, confirmed by believers throughout the past 20 centuries, is that what Jesus did in His work on the cross brings the day of salvation. It has been accomplished. It is reality. And it can be yours, TODAY, when you come before God, surrendering, committing, and entrusting yourself to Him, repenting of your sin, asking Him to forgive you, asking Him to become the Lord of your life, and receiving Christ as your Lord and Saviour. When you do, then this day, even TODAY, will be a day of salvation for you.”

Actually, asking God/Christ to be Lord of your life is unnecessary (Paul Washer says it a bit stronger, calling it nonsense)) because He is the Lord, if not the Saviour, of everybody without exception, whether they believe in – not merely believe, of course – Him or not.

Ganz, a “ganse” (completed – Yiddish “all, whole”) Jew, can surely be forgiven for this slip – on Resurrection day.


4 thoughts on “Making Jesus the Lord of your life? Impossible

  1. I’m still prone to this language of “Making Jesus as the Lord of your life,” though I mean more of trusting and submitting to Him as such.

    • As you know, SlimJim, “faith” consists of three components: knowledge (notitia), assent (assensus), and trust (fiducia – emunah in Hebrew). So trust is technically part of faith. The offshoot of that is acknowledging that Jesus is Lord. So, it all depnds what you mean by “make” Jesus Lord. The fact of the matter is that Jesus is Lord of the damned as well, who reject him. The issue with some is that “making” Jesus Lord is not something that is optional but essential. This does not mean that it is faith PLUS making Jesus Lord, as in faith plus works, but if you really trust Jesus you will naturally acknowledge him as Lord, that is, do what he commands.

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