How much shopping can you fit on your scooter?

Here is my scooter. As the first three pictures show, there is a compartment on the back and one under the seat. I went to the food market with my knapsack.




Here is my medium-size knapsack


Here in the next two pictures is the food I bought



Here is the cash slip listing what I bought. Ten South African rands are quivalent to one American dollar.

shopping new new

Buy a scooter with a box at the back and a bucket under your seat. How do South African prices compare with your  state/country?

10 thoughts on “How much shopping can you fit on your scooter?

  1. What are you going to do with all that garlic? Kill a vampire? ha, ha.

    Comparatively in my part of the world (Hawaii) the food bill would have been much higher. Though some veggies are grown here, generally, it is cheaper for distributors to buy Mexican grown produce and ship it here. Land prices dictate much of the economic activity here since significant land has to be set aside for watershed (and to preserve the natural beauty too).

    As far as scooters go: they do well in Hawaii since there are twice as many cars on our roads as was designed resulting in frequent gridlock. However, I can still see scars on my right arm from 25 years ago when a car pulled out in front of my moped and I went flying over it.

    You must be in the Joberg area since it is the middle of winter in ZA. I did not know you were still living in ZA. I have never been to Africa and am planning my 2014 vacation now before my 2013 vacation (July-Holland). I budget travel when by myself (the wife requires a certain level of civilization when traveling, so our vacations together are much more expensive).

    I was thinking of volunteer work in Malawi, but maybe first to acquaint myself to the continent, a trip to ZA seems appropriate. My interests suggest Kruger, Swaziland, and Lesotho. I would not be so interested in beaches and mountains (I’m sure they are nice) as that is standard fare at home. The big game safaris to me sounds over blown also. It sounds somewhat interesting to see African animals, but human cultures are what interests me. Any suggestions? I thinking May/June would be a good time to travel to those areas I mentioned. What do you think?

    • Squeaky,

      Lesotho snows in June-August. It’s freezing there, and very cold in most places in ZA. If you don’t mind the cold, then those places you mention are very interesting. I live on the East Coast in Port Elizabeth.

      • Snow is out of the question for me as I have no winter clothes of any kind. I have just received a guide book from Lonely Planet and will have to study it before any flight bookings or accommodations.

        You seem to eat healthy with all the veggies from your recent haul. Taking care of the body, I believe, is commended in Scripture unlike Pagan 1st Century Greek thought. Paul urges Timothy to use wine for his stomach and John wishes for Gaius to thrive bodily (if I understand that passage correctly).

        For the last several years whole wheat berries, Kamut, rye, oat groats have predominated my starch intake. Soaking the berries overnight before cooking is the key to soft cereal. I think I feel better and perform and function well because of this diet. Also, the addition of dry beans and other legumes such as natural peanut butter have lowered my cholesterol and where I was pre-diabetic before, now I am no longer.

        I love and have kept pet birds for many years. One bit of advice on bird diet was to try to sprout the seeds from sources to ensure viability and thus nutritional preservation. If it is good for birds, why not live grain for humans?

        • Squeaky

          Those grains are very good.

          I keep a vegetable garden of greens: lettuce, rocket, chives and herbs. I have salad for breakfast and lunch. I also preserve in jars apricots (my favourite soft fruit), peaches and guavas, which I dip into for the nine out-of-season months. Every time I pick a lettuce I apologise to him (her?); I’ll try and find the Bible verse.

          I’m so healthy, I’m so healthy, so charming and goy.

    • slimJim, this post has got many hits. If only John’s Gospel began “in the beginning was the scooter..,” the fullness of the Gentiles would be around the corner.

        • SlimJim

          Calvinists say, say Arminians, that if a person wants to believe, begs to believe, and God has not elected him or her, God tells them to scoot. The God of Calvinism, for the Arminian, is the cosmic scooter.

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