Free swill: Baa Ram Ewe: Apologies to Babe

One of my respondents said: “…no need of a shepherd if there is no free will…the sheep have a tendency to go astray of their own will.”(All I want is a shack somewhere, where I can find God)

Yep, these sheep go astray of their own will in the sense they follow their wandering (errant) hearts, which compel them to do so. Hence they are in bondage to their own desires (wills) – to reject Christ. Now, Jesus came into the world to break the chains of his sheep to set them free from their self-will: Galatians 5:1 For freedom Christ has set us free. When people say that free will is the most precious gift from God, if they mean free to love God, they’re talking through their shnozz. Unless we are regenerated – become a new creation (Galatians 6:15) – the human will is nothing but humanist swill that even swine eschew. Baa Ram Ewe.

“Yes, but, but, once Jesus has unchained me, being a gentleman, he won’t force me, if I want my chains back.” Duh.

“Reason, Scripture, God himself, ALL must give place to any absurdities, if they stand in the Arminian’s way; bringing in their IDOL with shouts, and preparing his THRONE by claiming the cause of their predestination to be in themselves” (Christopher Ness, “Antidote to Arminianism,” 1700).

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2 thoughts on “Free swill: Baa Ram Ewe: Apologies to Babe

  1. The wiilful sin here is, I suggest, the chutzpa that they can in their sepulchral state say to a beggar God, “Lord, in all reverence to your glory, go ahead; give me a new nature, regenerate my deadish heart.”

    Now, I’m cross. I shouldn’t be. I was once once of those.

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