The Divinity of Christ and Constantine: how to be an historiographical klutz

I thought I’d repost this on the Ku Klutz Klan.

OneDaring Jew

Speak to any Jew or Muslim who is on nodding terms with Church history, and he will tell you that the Council of Nicaea (325 AD) (see NOTE below) hosted by the Roman Emperor Constantine concocted the Trinity. How many times have I heard this graphic historical nonsense! These people, with undue respects, are historiographical klutzes. They’ve never heard of, indeed – very embarrassing – even maintain that certain frontline Christian apologists of the doctrine of the Trinity, who existed long before Nicea, did not even exist. To wit:

]ustin Martyr (ca.100-165),
Tatian the Assyrian (ca. 120-180),
Theophilus of Antioch(ca. 120-190),
lrenaeus of Lyons (ca.130-200),
Athenagoras of Athens (ca. 133-190),
Aristides of Athens (second century),
Minucius Felix (second or third century).

Sure, it’s not everyone who has the time or inclination to read the Ante-Nicene – no, not anti-Nicene – fathers. Steven Lawson, in his “The Pillars of grace, Volume…

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