Two conversions: the mind (NOTITIA) and the heart (FIDUCIA) of faith in Blaise Pascal

Many accuse Calvinists of being all logic and no fire. Without logic, you can’t understand what you read, and thus the Bible would be no more than a smothering smorsgasbrod of seeker-friendly maxims. True Calvinism, is “logic on fire” (Martyn Lloyd Jones).

OneDaring Jew

If you’re a computer programmer, you’ve probably heard of the computer programme “Pascal.” If you’re also into physics then you absolutely must know about the pressure unit “Pascal.” And if you’re familiar with physics you must also be familiar with the Pascal’s mathematical theorem.

Blaise Pascal had two religious “conversions.” The first is connected to his study of Jansenism (1545–1563) which broke away from the Catholic Church after the Reformation and  the Council of Trent. Jansenism’s distinctive feature was its Augustinian doctrine that salvation is entirely of  God, which is summed up in Augustine’s famous “Grant what You command, and command what You desire” (Confessions 10, 29). The most important of God’s commands is to repent.

Matt. 4:17 – “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
Mk. 1:15 – “Repent, and believe the gospel.”
Lk. 24:47 – “repentance for forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name.”

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