Documentaries in understanding ISIS and Al Nusra (AL QAEDA)

A close up of the jihad in Syria.

The Domain for Truth

It is unfortunate that Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria and Iraq has achieved great strides pushing forth an imperalistic Islam upon other Muslims and Christians.  Its also unfortunate that many in the West don’t understand much of these two organizations, Al Nusra and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or better known as ISIS).  Apparently these two organizations aren’t getting along.

Here are two documentaries from earlier this year that gives a bit of perspective of  Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The first is an incredible documentary by Vice who embedded with Al Nusra.

The second is the perspective of some who have quit the Free Syria Army and their encounter with ISIS.

It is frightening.  We need to be praying.

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8 thoughts on “Documentaries in understanding ISIS and Al Nusra (AL QAEDA)

  1. Disconnected thoughts that come first to mind about these two videos:

    The young men and boys look just like Jews from South Africa–could be from your family and mine!
    The man who is about to go off to war asks the sweet little girl if she is happy for him to become a martyr. She replies that she is not. Why not, he asks. Because there is only one of you, she replies. Out of the mouths of babes . . .

    The believers in the cause march with guns and talk about God (Allah). A little girl recites the religious patriotism (propaganda to us) while holding a gun.

    Everytime they get ready to kill and everytime a bomb explodes they shout, ‘God is great!’

    They are convinced that only they know ‘the truth.’

    Makes me want to weep.

    • If I follow you, you are saying that the truth (something logically independent of your mind) is that you disapprove of people who think there is such a thing as “the truth.”

  2. I am saying more than that. I am saying that people are basically the same. I am saying that the little girl knew what was important. I am saying that God and guns are contradictory. I am NOT saying that I disapprove of people who think there is such a thing as ‘the truth.’ What I am saying is that fanatical Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Calvinists and Arminians claim that only they know the truth. Nobody knows the truth.

    • No one can know the truth. The Bible, the Koran, the teachings of Buddha were all written by human beings. Human beings cannot know the truth.

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