ISIS, Politics and Islam

In  his “Is ISIS a faith-based terrorist group?” (Colombia Journalism Review), Christopher Massie argues:

The real problem [of ISIS] is that nobody can precisely calculate the aggregation of factors that have produced the modern phenomenon of Islamic extremism. And so the claims of people who cite religious causes cannot be dismissed any more than the claims of people who cite political ones. Hussain is right to caution that “Western society doesn’t have a great familiarity with Muslim culture,” and Nomani is also right to say that “we should cover Islam like we cover a city council meeting,” bearing in mind “political interests” and “ideological interests.”

David Wood, in contrast, argues that the main inspiration behind ISIS is Islam in the Qu’ran and the Hadiths.


“Jihadists fighting for ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) claim that they are following the commands of Allah and Muhammad. Yet Westernized Muslims, politicians, and the media claim that ISIS is violating the principles of Islam. Who’s right? In the following video, David Wood presents the top ten Quran verses for understanding the beliefs and actions of ISIS.”


2 thoughts on “ISIS, Politics and Islam

  1. Once again nonsense nonfactual racist bigotry. What if I were to post verses regarding Goyims?….. If one were to take due diligence in research skills, they would come to unbiased conclusion and that being without religious, political, emotional and illogical bias, that, it is NOT JUST western Muslims who appose ISIS, it is whole nations, because ISIS who are a Zionist, CIA trained entity , who not only kill Christians, Yazids but also OTHER MUSLIMS, especially the SHIAs and SUNNIS who fight or stand against them. If one were versed and had visited Syria, Iraq, Iran, you will find many areas where the Christians, Jews and Muslims lived comfortably practicing their faiths together. You have this mentally retarded idiot, who assumes, that if he were to pick verses without contextual analysis he can propagate the truth of what ISIS follow.? That would be akin to opening a page of harry potter and stating magic is real.

    • Which comments are (once again?) racist?

      Peaceful Muslims are not faithful to the Qu’ran – mercifully. Please provide two Qu’ranic verses quoted by David Wood that you consider out of context.

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