The four deaths

A popular song in modern English-speaking churches is “How deep the Father’s love for us.” It’s theme is “I want to be where you are, i want to be with you.”

Here is the hip-hop chorus

I just wanna be (clap, clap)
I just wanna be (clap, clap) with You

The Bible says many times, as in the letters of Paul, that to be a Christian is to be “in Christ” and “Christ in you.” Christians are born of God (born again), which entails that Christ lives – through the Holy Spirit – in them. To be “without” Christ in this life means Christ is not indwelling that person. “Without Christ” is not the opposite of “with Christ.” “Without Christ” means “not IN Christ,” which is the spiritual state of the unsaved. “With Christ,” on the other hand, means to join Christ in his glorified state – on the right hand of the Father in heaven. This means be with Christ now – chop chop..

So, Christian, IN whom Christ lives, do you still want to be WITH Christ? If so, you have sentenced yourself to death – the death of your body. If that is not really what you want, stop singing these silly adolescent boyfriend-girlfriend songs.

(See In Christ and with Christ: I wanna be with you).

If there are four loves (C.S. Lewis) then there must be four deaths.

– A “living death,” an expression of non-believers that describes a miserable life.
– The death of the body, which happens to all without exception.
– The New Testament “second death,” another name for being cast by God into eternal darkness after the death of the body.

There is a fourth kind of death, also Christian: “I want to be like Christ (in this life).


“The most dangerous prayer a human being could ever pray, says Paul Washer is, “Lord, make me like Christ. I don’t care if you have to dethrone me. I don’t care if you have to tear apart my ministry. I don’t care if you have to destroy me. I don’t care what happens. Make me like Jesus Christ.”

“It is practically calling a death sentence upon yourself. But then, again, ‘Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit’ (John 12:24).” (Pray and be alone with Christ).


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