Islamophobia: Why Cair?

In this video, Jonathan Matusitz, an associate professor at the University of Central Florida, tells Islam as it is. He can back up all he says from the accepted Islamic literature. Here is some froth spewed out by the pro-Sharia lobby in the US, who hate the video:

CAIR – Council of American-Islam Relations.

“CAIR-FL Seeks Review of UCF Courses Taught by Anti-Islam Prof. Professor at publicly-funded institution works with anti-Muslim hate group, says Germany will be ‘Islamic republic’ by 2050.

(TAMPA, FL, 6/17/13) – The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL), along with other community organizations, announced today that it has called on the University of Central Florida (UCF) to review the accuracy and objectivity of information offered to students in courses taught by Dr. Jonathon Matusitz.

CAIR-FL says Matusitz, an associate professor in the UCF Nicholson School of Communication, is “membership director” for the anti-Muslim hate group ACT! for America and bizarrely claims Germany will “become an Islamic republic by 2050.”

Now, consider the recent horror “honor” killings in Paris. If you are faithful to the Qu’ran, and not merely a “cultural” Muslim. you will (unlike the devout Jew or Christian) do what those brothers did in Paris – kill those who attack your religion. (Most Christians and Jews are also cultural adherents of their faiths, and consequently ignorant, not giving a toss about the meat of “their” scriptures).

There is a deep meaning and a superficial meaning of “culture.”

Deep meaning – Culture is a conceptual framework: a way of representing one’s world through thinking. Each culture is a system of meanings shared by its members. What one represents in one’s mind becomes embodied in a mode of communication that expresses and addresses the self and the world, involving both verbal and nonverbal behaviour. For the devout Muslim, the main cultural influence is the Qur’an and the Hadiths.

Superficial meaning – “Cultural Muslims, for example, are religiously unobservant, secular or irreligious individuals who still identify with the Muslim culture due to family background, personal experiences, or the social and cultural environment in which they grew up.” (Wikipedia

(See my Culture and Conceptual Frameworks).

You might say to me,”Hate speech.” I shall certainly say to you, “You’re either an ignorant klutz, want to be left alone, or are scared of Muslims – or a deceiver.

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