Inerrancy Summit Mark Dever’s Session: Psalms 119

I think jay Smith very good on Islam. What he said, however in a debate with Shabir Ally on scripture I didn’t find that hot.

He said that the Bible is not the Word of God, Jesus is. Smith says that the Bible is the record of the person, the  Word of God. That is no way to defend scripture. Yes, there are textual variants and linguistic errors in the thousands of documents we have of the NT, but Smith’s way of brushing them off is not the way to go.

Here is Mark Dever on scripture.

The Domain for Truth

Note: The following are rough notes from the conference.

Mark Dever Shepherds conference

We sometime need to unpack what it means when we say that the bible is true?

Issue: translation, transmission, truth content (teaching)

We want to get to the issue of its teaching

4 questions to help understand God’s Word:

1.) What is God’s Word?

2.) What is God’s word like?

  • True (v.142)
    Good (v.68)
    Ancient (v.152)
    Unchanging (v.160)

Note God’s word is like this because He is like this

To attack the word of God is to attack God

3.) What does God’s word does?
Studying God’s word should not make us morally indifferent
Sir us to holiness? (V.102)
Note if Jesus use the Scripture in temptation why would we think we need it less than Jesus?
Rejoice (v.65)
Understanding (v.105)
Answering prayers (v.66)
Give life!

If God is speaking why would we not read it?

4.) How do we respond?

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