James White again: why are peaceful Muslims not speaking out against Boko Haram?

I hate being horrible to people, especially those whom other people hate so much, who happen also to be those to whom I am very grateful for shedding so much light on the beautiful truths of God’s sovereignty and his election of sinners to salvation. Such a man is James R. White of Alpha Omega ministries. I have no criticism of his teachings on Christianity – only delight. It’s what he says about Islam and Muslims – and only one thing – which makes me a smidgin mad.

In his most recent “Dividing Line” podcast (his podcasts don’t remain accessible gratis for long) of 9 April 2015, White says he is puzzled that peaceful Muslims don’t speak out about the atrocities committed by groups such as Boko Haram and Al Shabab. All White has to do is listen to his podcast of 1 November 2012, where he quotes several passages from the Qur’an, which promotes the torture and killing of non-Muslims.

I hope that now my relatives and friends will stop thinking I’m totally under the spell of that arch-Calvinist, James White. See, I can be impartial. I am determined to be so, as all good Calvinists are. And, dear James White, thank you for all you have taught me and others.

Also, there are no peaceful DEVOUT Muslims, unless they’re liars or ignorant of the Qur’an.

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