James White again: why are peaceful Muslims not speaking out against Boko Haram?

I hate being horrible to people, especially those whom other people hate so much, who happen also to be those to whom I am very grateful for shedding so much light on the beautiful truths of God’s sovereignty and his election of sinners to salvation. Such a man is James R. White of Alpha Omega ministries. I have no criticism of his teachings on Christianity – only delight. It’s what he says about Islam and Muslims – and only one thing – which makes me a smidgin mad.

In his most recent “Dividing Line” podcast (his podcasts don’t remain accessible gratis for long) of 9 April 2015, White says he is puzzled that peaceful Muslims don’t speak out about the atrocities committed by groups such as Boko Haram and Al Shabab. All White has to do is listen to his podcast of 1 November 2012, where he quotes several passages from the Qur’an, which promotes the torture and killing of non-Muslims.

I hope that now my relatives and friends will stop thinking I’m totally under the spell of that arch-Calvinist, James White. See, I can be impartial. I am determined to be so, as all good Calvinists are. And, dear James White, thank you for all you have taught me and others.

Also, there are no peaceful DEVOUT Muslims, unless they’re liars or ignorant of the Qur’an.

Related James White: It’s sad that most Muslims believe in violence and harshness against unbelievers. Sad yes, but is it true?

4 thoughts on “James White again: why are peaceful Muslims not speaking out against Boko Haram?

  1. Hi Raph,

    It just goes to show even if someone is technically correct generally on teachings of the bible, that this fact should not ‘give a pass’ in other areas of faith and conduct. Consider that the Pharisees were correct on resurrection, angels, and canon. Yet Jesus identified them as the seed of the serpent generally. Sure there was Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea, and Apostle Paul but they were saved by grace like any others and not because they correctly held certain doctrines.

    James White, despite many, many positives is a political activist. I do not see Paul or Jesus encouraging this at all. Of course a Christian can be a politician, and they should indeed vote and be civic and other things but as far as Christian service, no. God has commanded us that we should do everything in God’s ability in the sphere of church functions. If James White wants to be a political activist he should not use his “ministry” to facilitate this aspect.

    A little off topic to your point, forgive me, but at least relevant to James White Ministries.

  2. Hi Alex how good it is to “see” you after such a long time. You’re far from off topic. I’ve had the following about White on my mind for a long time but have refrained from saying anything up to now. It seems to me that what is “political” about White as far as Islam is concerned is that he is trying very hard to create the impression among those Muslims he debates that he is not like the ignorant rabid Islamophobes; that he knows the difference between “radical” Islam and “peaceful” Islam. He fails to sustain this distinction because in reality he knows – because he shows us sometimes that he does – that “radical” Islam is Islam per se. Many Muslims, however, ARE peaceful towards “kafirs” but they would be regarded by Shariah as no different to unbelievers and should be – if the opportunity arises – killed, as ISIS, Boko Haram and Al Shabab are doing.

    Hey, don’t say anything horrible about my James!

  3. SJ

    Two issues:
    1. Inconsistent Muslims.

    A.Most Muslims know little about the Qur’an, either because they couldn’t be bothered to know much about what’s in it (many so-called Christians are in the same boat with regard to the Bible) or because they don’t read Arabic, so even if they want to know more about the Qur’an, their Imams tell them they have to read Arabic to understand it. (Think of the Roman Catholic Church’s pogroms against translations of the Bible).

    B. Islam is an enforced religion. To criticize it in Muslim countries is to bring the sword of Allah down on your head. So even if Muslims disagree with the ghastly stuff in the Qur’an, they shut their gob.

    D. It’s hard to tell how many nominal Muslims support Western democracy, but these Muslims very seldom show their face.

    2. Peaceful Muslims?

    If they are peaceful towards non-Muslims, this is either due to deception, or they are not faithful to the Qur’an.

    Emulate Muhammad – the most perfect human being who ever lived, say Muslims – and you get Boko Haram.

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