Impending: The Supreme Court’s decision on homosexual marriage, the persecution of faithful Christians, and the doom of their persecutors.

Rick Philips writes:

“As the Supreme Court deliberates on the question of homosexual marriage, American Christians are bracing for a level of government persecution yet unknown to us. The fear is that with homosexuality declared a constitutional right, opposition will officially be akin to racism. Under such a ruling, Christian institutions who refuse to grant homosexual rights may be subjected to official oppression and lose their tax exempt status as non-profit institutions. Even churches may lose their tax-free status if they refuse to permit marriages between two men or two women. This would deal a heavy financial blow and may be a precursor to the removal of our religious freedoms, so that public speech against moral perversion becomes a crime punishable by fine or imprisonment.

Christians who know the book of Revelation will notice a striking parallel between this potential situation and that which Jesus described to the church of Smyrna in Revelation 2:8-11. This ancient city was a jewel on the Aegean Sea, the chief city of the Roman province of Asia. With over 200,000 residents, it was noted for its historical loyalty to the Roman empire. In the year 26 a.d., the city even competed for and won the honor of erecting a temple to the emperor Tiberius and was famed for its commitment to the Roman imperial cult. As such, the church there was vulnerable to the persecutions that the emperor Domitian was about to unleash on those who would not bow to his supposed deity.”
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