Guest Post: Abortion – a Worldview Approach

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Note: I just got back from overseas.  This is a guest post that somehow got stuck on our WordPress.  It is by Nate Sonner  who is co-founder of Christian Worldview Discipleship. He and his wife live in Dumaguete City, Philippines.
His website can be found here and his Twitter account here


Abortion is arguably the religious and social issue of our day. Since it became legal in the United States, around 56 million children have been killed. To ignore such an issue, as a Christian, would be unfaithful to God who made man in His image. We as believers must be equipped to discuss and offer a defense. Also, the devaluation of human beings in the womb is not a view held in isolation. Many fail to realize that the fundamental beliefs behind modern bioethics don’t merely affect the unborn, but human beings at all stages of life. If…

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Abortion – a Worldview Approach

  1. What at an impossible burden to carry for those of us still living – there are 100s of millions of us across time and space – responsible for aborting our children. The wonderful news is that this burden can be removed. Come to Christ, who is the only one who can restore us.

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