“These horrific attacks must stop,” say Muslim scholars. Yeah, right

All three of my letters about Islam – in response to letters from Muslims – were published in my city’s newspaper. Here is the fourth I sent to the same newspaper for publication, this time in response to an editorial. Maybe, fourth time unlucky.

I cite from your editorial of Saturday, June 27, 2015, “Horrific attacks must be stopped.”

“This hatred and violence (of “hard-line Islamist terrorists”) has to be fought by all peace lovers… We should support the call by over 100 Muslim scholars and clergymen” that the Islamic State “through their acts of violence, violated fundamental principles of Islam.” They point out that such acts as “harming or mistreating believers of other religions of the Scripture… and ignoring the reality of ‘contemporary times’ are actually forbidden in Islam… Simply put, IS is a group of mass murderers masquerading as unbelievers.”

Should I insult the intelligence of these Muslim scholars by calling them stupid and ignorant? Or should I call them cunning deceivers? The violent and detestable actions of ISIS are right on the Qur’anic money. The Qur’an is a deluge of directives to subdue and kill non-Muslims and apostate Muslims, and contains commands that are, at best, out of kilter in “contemporary times.” Space does not allow me to cite the dozens of texts on violence against the “unbelievers.” It’s mostly useless telling non-Muslims to read the Qur’an. But if they do, they must not expect coherence: the Qur’an does not appear in the order that Allah is purported to have revealed it. For example, the final “revelations” – about Muslims forcing Jews and Christians to either 1. convert to Islam, 2. submit to paying a crippling tax and being subdued, or 3. being killed – were “revealed” in Surah 9, long before the end of the printed Qu’ran.

Please don’t fall for the knowledgeable, believing, obedient Muslims’ “friendliness.” If it were genuine they would end up – they know it well – in hell. Qur’an (5:80) – “You will see many of them (professing Muslims) befriending those who disbelieve; certainly evil is that which their (professing Muslims) souls have sent before for them, that Allah became displeased with them and in chastisement shall they abide.” Muslims who befriend unbelievers will be thrust into everlasting torment.

19 thoughts on ““These horrific attacks must stop,” say Muslim scholars. Yeah, right

  1. I told you two years ago, if you have no knowledge of something do not address it?, yes you still do the same ,in your own delusions. Most rational humans do know, that Daesh are just stooges and have created a false religion, taken from the wahabi sect, who were put in power by the British, Gertrude bell, should ring a bell. It is fine repeating media jargon because they are your educators, but religion is deeper then what Daesh do, I am sure I could ask the same question, where are the responses of GOOD zionist christians and jews, while the murdering of civilians including little children in Gaza and living on usurped land is taking place daily? based on a myth of the promised land?. Most intellectual individuals know, that Daesh ( isis ) is a concocted group that works for the aims for greater Israel, there is real evidence of Baghdadi being a mossad agent. I could go on, practically I just do not have the time to go into a further intellectual education with it.

  2. The Qur’an, the Old Testament, the New Testament, Ancient Greek and Roman myths, Buddhism, Paganism, any religion or creed you care to mention–all of these are subject to interpretation and contradictions. Why? Because we are all humans. Your insistence that you know best what the Qur’an and the Bible is all about is ridiculous. You, too, are only human. Give up this arrogance. It is harmful to others and to yourself.

          • I think what is true and good was instilled into me by my parents and I think this is a process I started absorbing from birth. These values are part of me.

              • Difficult question. My parents were agnostics but they were respectful of other people’s religious beliefs. However they were not respectful of other people’s opposing political beliefs. I am the same. I do not respect or tolerate right wing politics or dictatorships–including left wing dictatorships. But I do respect all religions. Yes, this is a contradiction. As I said before, contradiction is part of the human condition.

                  • Oh come on Raphael! You know what I mean. Ambivalence and contradiction are part of human life, not just part of me. Feel free to believe whatever I say because all the opposing aspects are true. Life ain’t simple!

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