Arminianism: The submortuarian, relapsarian view of predestination/election

Definition: lapsus – (the) Fall (of man)

Here is an amusing, but pithy, answer to an Arminian objection to the Calvinist view of God’s decree.

“Objection 5. The predestinarians cannot agree about stating their decree; some stating it before the fall, as the supra-lapsarians ; and others after the fall, as the sub-lapsarians.

Answer 1. The Arminians, by the law of retaliation, may be called submortuarians, for their holding no full election till men die; and post-destinarians, for placing the eternal decree behind the race of man’s life. Surely when believers die, they are the subjects of glorification, not of election. Christ should have said (upon this hypothesis) to the penitent thief, this day thou shalt be Fully Elected, not, thou shalt 6e with me in paradise. And may they not also be stiled relapsarians, for saying that the elect may totally and finally fall away; and that he who is a child of God to day, may be a child of the devil to morrow?”

Excerpt From: Ness, Christopher. “An antidote against Arminianism: or A treatise to enervate and confute all the five points thereof.”

Why is Christianity so complicated! All you need is love. Hmmm.