6 thoughts on “Watch “The Truth About Immigration and Welfare” on YouTube

  1. Factual response: The Colonies are all composed of immigrants. Your parents were immigrants to South Africa, as were my grandparents. Canada and the Americas are composed of immigrants. These immigrants, of which you and I are part, ruthlessly overruled, suppressed and even killed the indigenous peoples of these lands. Now we consider ourselves natives of these lands.
    Thoughtful response: The world belongs to us all. It behooves us to welcome and help one another.

  2. OK, I’ve looked and listened to this guy again. Same reaction: my flesh crawls with revulsion. Can’t you see, just by listening to his intonation and his words and looking at his face that this guy is a nasty piece of work? What do I understand to be the argument of the video? I understand it to be anti ‘them’ and pro ‘us’ ; I understand it to be, keep ‘us’ in the USA and keep ‘them’ out of the USA. The ‘us’ being those of whom this guy approves and the ‘them’ being those of whom he disapproves.
    As long as we see people in terms of ‘them’ and ‘us’ we are doomed.

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