“The other Israel,” a critique of “Zionism.”

Ted Pike’s “The other Israel,” a critique of “Zionism.”


The Video Norman Lear Doesn’t Want You To See!

Most Americans are now aware that the Hollywood TV and movie industries are intent on pushing sex and violence on the American people. Scholarly studies such as the famous Lichter-Rothmann polls have shown conclusively that the great majority of media producers and directors favor the left wing, humanistic agenda and oppose Christian values.
When most Americans think of the one producer who has done more to “push the limits” of anti-Christian and anti-patriotic television, the name Norman Lear first comes to mind. Through such TV sitcoms as “Soap” Norman Lear has thrust profanity, adultery, even homosexuality into the living rooms of Americans as never before.

Yet Lear is not content merely to broadcast his smut. Nearly a decade ago he founded a political organization called “People for the American Way” (PAW) to help beat back the forces of decency which oppose him. PAW, with 275,000 members has become the most outspoken antagonist of Christian patriotic values this nation has ever seen, rivaled only by the ACLU.

As an ultra liberal “civil liberties” group, PAW stands up for gays, abortionists, and the right to burn the flag. It ridicules Christian, conservative values like prayer in the schools, Biblical creationism, and a baby’s right to be born without first encountering a suction tube or forceps.
PAW has attacked many “new right” televangelists including Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, videotaping the TV programs of such Christian leaders in hopes of ruining their ministries.
But now “People for the American Way” has a new enemy, an enemy so threatening that on May 11, 1989 they issued a special 3-page press release from Washington, D.C. alerting Americans to beware of the enticements of its message.

New Enemy For Norman Lear

That enemy is Ted Pike and his 60-minute video, “The Other Israel”, which PAW describes as “particularly dangerous.” Why so dangerous? Because “The Other Israel” exposes the real masters behind communism, liberalism, and media control in such a devastating manner that PAW also feels threatened. For the last year, while thousands of copies of “The Other Israel” have sold, opening the eyes of tens of thousands, PAW has given it the “silent treatment,” hoping it would fade away. To the contrary, it continues to sell rapidly, largely through word of mouth. This video flourishes because it confirms with irrefutable documentation what thinking Americans already suspect. That an elite of “insiders” in the mass media are consciously working to move America away from its Christian roots toward the humanistic values of a “new order.”
This is why PAW is determined to prejudice you against seeing this video. To do that it is taking drastic measures to ruin the reputation of Christian author and filmmaker, Ted Pike. In PAW’s recent press release it brought out its big guns by calling Pike “anti-Semitic” – an accusation which is the “kiss of death” to the career of any public person.
Is it “anti-Semitic” to protest Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinians?

No Quarrel with the Jewish People

Yet Ted Pike rejects their smear tactics: “I have no quarrel with the Jewish people, a gifted race which has contributed to human progress in countless ways. I am concerned with the behavior of certain Jews in high places.
“I condemn the behavior of Israeli leadership which has encouraged the breaking of bones of Palestinian youths. I protest the behavior of the Jewish owners of MCA-Universal who blaspheme my Savior through the movie The Last Temptation of Christ. I object to the behavior of a monopoly of Jews who have founded and controlled the big three television networks, manipulating the news and polluting the American mind through sex and violence.
“And I object to the behavior of certain Jewish groups which smear me as “anti-Semitic” merely for quoting in context from Judaism’s most authoritative religious, cultural, and historical sources. I have spent many years studying the three major Jewish encyclopedias of this century, as well as the vast, rambling Talmud, and the mystical Zohar or Kabbalah. Both my book and video are compendiums of such Jewish sources, simply relaying to the outside world what many Jews believe privately.”

Your Right to Know

Pike continues: “Since Israel receives an average of three billion dollars annually from American taxpayers, and since the behavior of Israel in the Middle East could trigger a mid-East war, I believe that Americans have a right to know all the facts concerning Jewish attitudes and ambitions. Israel is in the public domain. And Americans have a right to know every fact relevant to their investment in the cause of Israel without being hysterically smeared “anti-Semitic” as soon as their quest for truth goes a little deeper than the Jews feel comfortable with.
“Such inquiry is the task of my researches, undertaken in a spirit of moderation and respect for much that is good in Jewish thought and culture. As a Christian, I bear only good will toward individual Jews, most of whom are innocent of the misdeeds of a minority. Because my concern is primarily against evil systems, and not individuals, I utterly reject the notion that I have anything against my fellow human being, the Jew.”

Who Is Right?

Is “People for the American Way” accurate in its description of Pike and his video as “blatantly and repugnantly anti-Semitic”? Most Americans who see the video have the opposite response. A recent letter to the National Prayer Network from a professor at one of America’s largest and most prestigious universities is typical: “I have just viewed “The Other Israel” – a most impressive and professional work. I want to commend you on your sublime treatment of an issue, which could easily become heated with emotion. I am now anxious to read Ted Pike’s book, which I understand contains full documentation for the video.’

The book this professor refers to is Israel: Our Duty… Our Dilemma, Ted Pike’s easy-to-read, yet exhaustively documented paperback on the history of Israel, past, present and future. Now ordered by more than 18,000 pastors in America, Dr. Everett Sileven, defender of liberty in Nebraska, sums up what thousands have felt: “This is the one book every Christian should read.”
Don’t let Norman Lear and “People for the American Way” make up your mind on this crucial issue. Discover for yourself why Ted Pike’s video and book have become “too hot to handle” for those who would like to control what you read and see.

(Source https://www.truthtellers.org/israel/lear.html)

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