“Oh, you’re into conspiracy theories, then?” You bet; I’m a Christian. And hooray for Bernie Sanders

Lucifer does not only deceive us in theology; he has a claw in every pie. Yes, 9/11 was an inside job, and if you balk, even after studying the facts, so be it. Yes, Sandy Hook, for sure, was also a false flag; and on and on. Your government is conspiring against you to control and enslave you. That’s what governments do, all of which are controlled by the Deceiver. And your country is the most deceived.

“After forty years of patient study of the crises which faces humanity, I arrived at a very simple conclusion-all conspiracies are Satanic! In retrospect, this conclusion should surprise no one. I admit that it came as something of a surprise to me. I had never anticipated that my decades of work would lead to such an all-encompassing and unchallengeable solution. This answer had eluded me through the years, not because I was on the wrong track, but because I had not yet consulted the ultimate source of knowledge-the Bible. To trace the machinations of the materialist conspiracy, I had deliberately limited myself to materialist sources-reference material on banking, politics, economics, and the biographies of those who were most deeply involved in these affairs.”

“When at last I did decide to look up some references in the Bible, a task which was greatly simplified by a number of excellent Concordances, such and Nelson’s and Strong’s, I was overwhelmed by its immediacy, by its directness, and by the applicability of its words to present-day happenings. As the months went by and I continued this research, I was not overwhelmed by a sense of deja vu, but by an overpowering conviction that very little had changed in the last three thousand years. My first revelation was that “God has no secrets from man.” It is Satan who must confine his work to stealthy conspiracies to deception, and to promises which will never be kept. “And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world” (Rev. 12:9)”

“It is for this reason that politicians, of necessity, must become followers of Satan in the rebellion against God. Politicians must deceive the people in order to gain power over them, just as Satan must deceive the whole world if he is to continue his rebellion against God. Satan takes you to the top of the mountain and offers you all the kingdoms of the earth (Martin Luther King proclaimed, “I have been to the top of the mountain,” but he never revealed what had taken place there); the politician offers you free food, free lodging, free medical care –everything will become “free at last!” [Hooray for Bernie Sanders). The politician offers to defend you against your enemies, so that he can deliver you to the ultimate enemy– Satan.”

(Eustace Mullins – The Curse of Canaan: A Demonology of History, 1987, p.3)

“Because Lucifer, Satan, the Devil — call him what you may — is the father of lies, it would appear that those spiritual forces of darkness deceive as many as possible so called intellectuals into doing their will here as they did in heaven. Without getting into controversy it should be easy for the average Christian to realize that there are two supernatural powers. One we refer to as God to whom the Scriptures give many names; and the other, the Devil, who also seems to have many names. The important thing to remember is that according to Revelations there is to be a final judgement. Satan will break or be released from the bonds with which he is bound for a thousand years. He will again create chaos on this earth. Then Christ will intervene on behalf of the elect and God will divide the Sheep from the Goats. We are told that those who defect from God will be ruled in utter chaos and confusion by Lucifer, Satan, or the Devil, for all eternity and will hate their ruler, themselves, and each other because they will realize they were deceived into defecting from God and losing his love and friendship for ever.”

(Zionism – Brandon Martinez)

One thought on ““Oh, you’re into conspiracy theories, then?” You bet; I’m a Christian. And hooray for Bernie Sanders

  1. Are your readers to understand that you, yourself follow the quoted views above? Or are you just throwing that crap out for the sake of argument?

    Most governments are corrupt, I agree with you there. But Satan? Come on! This won’t be surprising to you–if I were American I would vote for Bernie Sanders.

    And, by the way, what’s bad about homosexuals? A man loves another man or a woman loves another woman . . . this makes them wicked? Again, Come on!

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