Ashkenazi Jews are not Khazar converts to Judaism

There are many who would say the people running the world – Ashkenazis – are not of my Jewish race but are descendents of the Khazars of Eastern Europe, who converted to Judaism centuries ago.

Julio C writes:
“I don’t think that the jews that run the media, the banks, the government, the corporations, and the world are real biblical jews. It just doesn’t add up. Biblical jews love the laws of God. However, the jews who run the world only promote abominations: rampant sexual perversions, homosexual marriage, pornography, and all sorts of immortality [sic] condemned in the Mosaic Law. If real biblical jews ran the world, then the values of the word of God would be promoted everywhere, not immortality. These jews who run the world call themselves jews yet they are really the ‘synagogue of satan’.”

No, Julio, the Ashkenazis (like moi) are  indeed Jews; and like ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or under another name, Israel Secret Intelligence Service – are out to destroy Christianity. Christian Zionists, dear people, how you’ve been deceived! – “for fear of the Jews?”

John 20:19

“So when it was evening on that day, the first day of the week, and when the doors were shut where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews,….”

You say, God blesses those who bless (the Modern “State of) Israel. That’s rich. Look at the cesspool of depravity that is the click running the US of A: Israel and the American Jewish lobby (AIPAC – American Israel Public Affairs Committee), who are the pawns of the (Jewish) bankers.

I can’t be an anti-Semite (a bizarre term – the Arab race are Semites too), ’cause I’m Jewish. “Well, you’re a self-hating Jew, then!”  Like the Apostles, like Christ?