Gingrich: How To newter Muslims

As is well known by those those who follow the US election race, Donald Trump said that all Muslims wanting to enter the country should be forbidden to do so “until we find out what the hell is going on.” In a recent interview, Newt Gingrich goes further by saying that American Muslims “who believe in Sharia should be deported because Sharia is incompatible with Western civilisation.” See Newt Gringrich interview here).

in Islamic countries, the legal buttress of Islam is Sharia, Islamic law, which is based on the Qu’ran and other Islamic texts. It controls all areas of life. It is a penal code where violators are punished by the state. In Islam, Muslims are slaves of Allah. The tern Islam, contrary to Muslim apologists and ignorant non-Muslims, is not derived from the Arabic for “peace,” but from the Arabic for “surrender, devotion and submission”. Those who fall away from Islam, according to Sharia, must be arrested and admonished to repent – with, if necessary, a helping hand from the whip, and/or imprisonment. If the recalcitrant still refuses to submit, put him to death.

We also find this evil in Christian history – the Roman Catholic Inquisition. The difference, however, between Sharia and the Inquisition is that Sharia is based on the Islamic scriptures whereas the Inquisition was a mutilation of the New Testament.

Speaking of mutilations, another Sharia law is the cutting off clitorises.

There are many more Sharia laws that if known or published by the Western Islamophilic media would make the collective prepuce of the populace quiver.

To return to Newt’s proposal, namely, ask Muslim Americans, and by implication, prospective refugees, immigrants, whether they follow Sharia, and if yes, boot them out of the country or refuse entry, respectively. This proposal won’t work. The reason is because of another Sharia tactic – “taqiyya” veiled deception. The Qur’an (16:106 and 3:28) encourages Muslims to lie to protect themselves or the Muslim community.

Many Muslims in the West – as with many professing Christians – are either ignorant of or don’t give a toss for the core elements of their religion. So, if these professing Muslims say that Islam is a religion of peace, they could very well mean it. Islam, alas, is not defined by these ignorant peace-loving Muslims but by Allah and Mohammad, and the Islamic commentators, who teach that all Muslims should endeavour to subjugate non-Muslims; and if the latter refuse, they’re dead meat. See David Wood on Taqiyya –

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