The  untrackable, untraceable riches of Christ and Deconstruction


“Here is the happiness of those who seek and find their blessing in Christ, who have Him and everything that is in Him. Ours are the spiritual blessings in the heavenlies in Christ. Those riches are unsearchable, but how sweet it is to search them! They are untraceable, but how lovely it is to trace them! They are untrackable, but how delightful it is to track them through the pages of Scripture and experience. They are without footprint, but what a glorious journey of unending exploration! And all of them are stored up in Christ Jesus our Lord. He is the storehouse, and His are the treasures stored within. When you have Him, you have all good things in and with Him. If you have any of them, it is only because you have Him first.”

Life in Christ” by Jeremiah Walker.


In deconstruction, language – the sediment of the desire to mean, to communicate – has no locatable centre nor retrievable origin; its existence is a network of differences between signifiers, each tracing and tracking the other. In deconstruction there is no necessary connection between the desire to signify (to mean) and the signifiers that evoke that desire. Desire for such a connection results in nostalgia; the return (nostos) of suffering (algos):

Babel: Can Derrida’s Tour (Surprisingly) Translate Us Anywhere? by Raphael Gamaroff

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