4 thoughts on “Watch “Message found in human DNA at Harvard university”

  1. The same claim has been made by Wyoming Institute of Technology (WIT) which apparently does not exist. The claim alleges that Linguist Matt Boulder, professor of applied creation sciences, of Bob Jones University made the interpretation. Apparently BJU have neither a department of created sciences not do they employ a Matt Boulder, see http://raygano.com/ancient-aramaic-language-found-in-dna-bible-verses-being-repeated/. I find it hard to believe that such a discovery would not have amounted to breaking world news; nor do I understand why God who commands us to believe by faith would have left such a seemingly obscure clue to intelligent creation. I believe that DNA coding is of itself utter and irrefutable proof of intelligent on this subject creation and have read the opinions of many scientists. The bottom line is that it is absolutely and irrefutably impossible the incredibly complex coding could have occurred without, not just intelligent design, but mega-intelligent design of a mind utterly beyond human comprehension.

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