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  1. P.S.

    I have just learned about Facebook, which I have established a profile, only yesterday, if that helps too.

  2. Shalom Raph!
    Raine passed me your contact details. Have taken the liberty of putting you on my mailing list in the meantime.
    I will look for you on Face Book as well!


    Shalom Aleichem Beshem Yeshua
    (Peace be with you in the Name of Yeshua)

    Barry Lyle

  3. Greatly appreciate your scholarly but also humor-full postings showing a fine character!

    You wrote:
    So, Moshe, you would consider Luria’s transmigration of Souls as consistent with Torah.

    To quote from the Chasidic stories home page:
    1. Souls (or sparks of souls) that already had been in the world, which return and revive the bodies of humans.
    2. Disembodied souls that have not come to rest, which come to the tzaddik to request their remedy.
    3. Souls that have transmigrated into inanimate objects, flora, or fauna and that await their ascent-correction.
    4. Disembodied souls (dybbukim) that enter the bodies of humans with souls of their own in anticipation of their correction through exorcism (the fourth situation will be discussed later,(2) and therefore this chapter concentrates on the first three basic story situations only).

    Moshe Shulman wrote then:

    Bo, I do not discuss Kabbalah on line, Suffice it to say that there is no contradiction between the two.

    Did you read my five cents?:

    The famous Rav Sa‘adya Ga‘on (882-942), head of the Great Torah Academy of Sura, Babylonia, states in his book “HaEmunoth w’haDe‘ot”, in tract 6[:8] on הנפש ha-nefesh – the soul, very clear that the doctrine of the transmigration of the soul is a unjewish teaching.
    Also Joseph Albo abhored it, and wrote about it in Sefer Ikkarim.

    So this idea of reincarnation is older than Luria that it irritated av Sa‘adya Ga‘on 4 centuries earlier!

    B’kol tuv b’Yeshua,


  4. Hope you are well and just busy with other things since haven’t seen any recent posts on here!
    (I have quite a few comments awaiting your approval, hope you have time to read them.)


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