Songs we shouldn’t sing in church

What shall we say then of those who want to use hymns of human composition, hymns of human composure [feel good hymns] in place of the psalms of David? The psalms od David were under the same inspiration as the rest of the Word of God. Peter says prophecy does not come at any time by the will of man. Holy men spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. Can hymns claim that kind of inspiration…that kind of regard among men that we ought to have for the Word of God? Hymns of man do not have that same kind of authority that can bind men’s consciences. And they don’t have the command of God to be used in the worship of God. We”ret old to sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs; the title of the book of psalms.

We see these psalms being used throughout the Old Testament, we see them also used in the New. There exists no reason in change of dispensation with regard to worship to stop using the psalms.

They’ve arisen not merely from the will of man but from men moved by the Holy Ghost. (Man-made hymns) are devoid of sound and solid reasoning. They’re plausible pretexts to be sure…but they appear to be wise to the world, at least to those who have no spiritual sense…in the end, they will, as Paul says, be devoid of the wisdom of God, and that should scare us. We need to stay away from them.

(Jim Dodson’s sermon “God’s will and and man’s will”).

I didn’t look for these songs. All of them are sung in church services I have attended recently. No I’m not a church hopper. But if there was a choice I’d rather be a church hopper than a church bopper. Here are the songs.

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