Isis has nothing on the Abortion mills of america

Open air preaching at the Auschwitz of New Jersey?

James White writes: Robert Parker and myself alternated open air preaching at Englewood’s “Women’s Center” (aka the Auschwitz of New Jersey). This mill kills more babies than any other abortion mill in New Jersey. Many women walked in with tears or they just had a somber face. And when they walked out of the mill most of them looked liked zombies. We know why. They know deep down they have committed an evil act against the holy One. God has given each one of them a conscience, though they try to suppress this knowledge. Incidentally, there were Roman Catholic women there who were an obstruction to our gospel proclamation, by handing out rosaries and telling people not to listen to us. Rome’s false gospel will also perish in the day of wrath, along with those who place their hope in its deception.”

The Roman Catholic talks to the security guard about a play she saw (about killing babies?).

9 thoughts on “Isis has nothing on the Abortion mills of america

        • Yeah, I get it. You’re absolutely sure. Unlike me. But, to get back to James White: he has no compassion.

            • No compassion on the women. They looked like ‘zombies’ because they were suffering–physically and emotionally. James White’s tone reveals his righteousness which seems to be at the point of gloating sadism. Give me kindness and compassion over righteousness anytime.

              • Unplanned/unwanted pregnancy can cause great anguish. There is, however, compassion for the living child for being untimely ripped from his/her mother’s womb. It is more understandable why an atheist would have an abortion than for a believer in the God of the Bible to do so.

                There’s no way to get round it; the guilt eats into us. The only way to find peace is if God forgives us. That requires belief in him and repentance.

                Guilt shudders through all our being, not just for abortion.

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